"Inspirational Jewelry That Keeps Inspiring."

"Life Defining Themes."

All Products Custom Made in the U.S.A.

Simply Beautiful Cross Muddy Girl

Hunters Cross Realtree AP

Retail Display Case

Freedom Cross

Stahl Cross™ is family-owned with three generations of craftsmanship. Now creating cross jewelry, with "Life Defining Themes".

Stahl Cross™ desired to create an inspirational product that one would be proud to give or receive. One that you would pick up and read

"Made in U.S.A.".

A patriotic theme was created that included the American flag and camouflages of the U.S. Branches of Military deployed overseas. Later would come the outdoor camouflages and other inspiring themes. Now an established company, the family craftsmen at Stahl Cross™

seek to provide an original and unique avenue of personally displaying faith and hope.

"Inspirational Jewelry That Keeps Inspiring."

Each cross theme defines and demonstrates courses that are chosen in life. The exclusive, custom decorated finish makes each one unique as a snowflake; though similar, no two are identical. Each cross is made of quality stainless or solid steel that is exclusively custom decorated. Each necklace or pendant has 31 inches of adjustable genuine leather cord.